Grab A Mat And Get Outside

Today’s workout is all about using what you can find at your local park. This workout will:

  • Get your heart rate up and work on your cardio
  • Increase the strength and tone of your arms
  • Improve your core strength
  • Help alleviate low back pain
  • Train the tush and legs
  • While also have you enjoying all the benefits that come from working out in the fresh air

Watch the video below for a full description of the workout.

Download the PDF of the workout and take it with you to the park.

The Workout

Beginners: 3 times through
Intermediate: 4 times through
Advanced: 5 times through
Hard-Core: 6 times through

  1. Single leg knee drives x25 ea leg
  • Using a park bench, step onto it with our right leg and come up and drive the left knee towards the chest.
  • Keep your working knee lined up with the toe box and posture tall. Lower and perform again.
  • Once completed 25 reps with the right leg, switch feet on the bench and do another 25 reps with the left leg.
  1. One-arm push-ups x20 ea arm
  • Stand about 4 feet behind the bench, lean forward and brace yourself with your right hand in top of bench, left hand resting in the small of the back
  • Keeping a straight line from head to heels, and shoulder’s squared perform a one-arm push-up
  • Return to start. Do 20 on the right arm and then switch.
  1. Bulgarian Lunge x25 ea leg
  • Step about 3 feet away from the bench and place the laces of your right foot on top of the bench seat.
  • Slowly bend the left leg lowering into a lunge while also making sure that the left knee tracks straight ahead and that the posture is tall (don’t dip the upper body forward).
  • Perform 25 reps and then switch legs.
  1. T-Supermans x20
  • Lie on your stomach with your arms lined up with the shoulders (making the letter T) and thumbs pointed up.
  • Lift both the upper and lower body, as well as the arms, as high as you can, pause and lower.
  1. Heel to the Sky x25 ea leg
  • Stand on the right leg about 3 feet behind the bench
  • Tilt your torso forward, grip the back of the bench with both hands and bend your left leg and lift it so that the thigh is parallel to the ground
  • Maintain this position as you press the heel up to the sky
  • Do 25 times and then switch legs
  1. Tricep dips x20
  • Sit on the bench with hands close to the hips
  • Slide your bum off of the bench and bend the elbows and drop the body down. Be sure to keep the elbows pointed back, don’t flare them out, the bum close to the bench and movement only in your elbows.
  • Press yourself back up by straightening the arms.
  • If you have any shoulder problems please do not do this exercise.