Body Transformation Bootcamp – Kicks off March 31

Join Our Bootcamp And Learn a Whole New Way Of Thinking About Nutrition And Fitness.  Join Today!

  •  6 weeks of easy-to-follow menus 
  • Recipes that use real food to kick-start your transformation
  • 6 weeks of detailed workouts to turn you into a fat-burning machine
  • Your choice of Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced workouts
  • Weekly online coaching with your Go Fit Gals
  • Weekly exclusive podcasts with tips, tools and details on how to prep for each coming week
  • Invitation to our private Member’s Only Facebook page

Stop Wishing & Start Doing. Join Today

With our Body Transformation you will:

  • Shed inches and pounds
  • Tighten and tone all your trouble spots (ie. abs, arms, butt, thighs)
  • Look and feel fabulous 
  • Develop lean muscle tone
  • Learn new healthy habits – for life
  • Improve your overall health

…and these are only some of the amazing RESULTS that you will see while on our Body Transformation Bootcamp program.
We developed this Bootcamp with one goal in mind – to get YOU to your weight loss goal. Click here to join!

What Do You Get?

First off, the plan is completely customizable:

  • For only $130 you will receive any one of the 6-Week Shape Plans that you choose 
  • Nutrition: your choices are regular, gluten-free, pescetarian, lacto-ovo vegetarian or vegan
  • Fitness: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced
  • BONUS: for this month only we will also give you our “Ultimate Home Workouts – 25 Bodyweight Workouts To Get You Fit”. In this plan you will 25 of our best bodyweight programs.  

Once you have decided which plan is best for you , head to our store and purchaseunder our “Body Transformation Bootcamp” section. 

Within minutes of purchasing you will receive 2 links with your ebooks. You have 24 hours to download and save onto your computer. 

Read your plans thoroughly and on March 31st we will begin the 6-Week Shape Up as a group.

How the Body Transformation Bootcamp works:

  • Purchase the program through our store
  • Your customized 6-Week Shape fitness and nutrition plan will be emailed to you after point of purchase
  • After that you will be immediately enrolled as a GFG member (for 1 year), and you will begin receiving our special Wednesday emails that we only send out to our members
  • On March  29th you will receive an email from us prepping you for your Monday, March 31st start.
  • In this email you will receive your first podcast explaining the first week in detail, as well as giving you amazing tips, tools and planning shortcuts to help make your first week rock!
  • Every Wednesday you will receive an email from us with tips and tools to help educate you
  • Every Saturday (for the duration of the plan) a new podcast will be emailed to you with all of the advice and guidance that you will need for the week ahead
  • Throughout each week (while on the plan) you will receive random check-ins from both Risse and PJ. These emails are to help keep you on track, to see how you are doing with the plan and whether you have any questions or anything that needs to be tweaked on the plan
  • You also have direct access to Risse and PJ everyday while on the plan – have a question? Need some motivation? Drop us an email and we will talk you through it.
  • But that’s not all. We have a whole community on social media to support you as well! Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, share a pic on Instgram or interact with us on Google +
  • In addition, we have also set up our own private GFG Facebook page for you to interact and mingle with other GFG members